Our job is to take care of all technical aspects of advertising, namely verification of the technical elements, the programming of advertising campaigns and monitoring of the broadcast.

We work both with advertising agencies and media agencies.

The advertising market is constantly changing, it is for this reason that we created Traffic Services. Our experience at your service to better support you in every stage of your advertising campaigns.

Standard Formats
Impactful Formats

The mobile web

Management issues

We know that an advertising campaign may be subject to various problems that were not anticiped (delivery problems, delivery formats unsuitable to adserver use, etc). To deal with these situations we try to resolve these issues quickly with our technical skills and our experience in the field:

  • JavaScript, HTML and CSS programming
  • Creation of templates (skins, native, custom formats)
  • Video players (Partner or on your website according to your resources)
  • HTML5 formats
  • ActionScript editing for Flash
  • Master and certifications AdServer (AdTech, SmartAdServer, DFP)